Great Articles About Doug and the Demo

Happy 50th

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Doug-Engelbart-intentWhat Would Doug Engelbart Do?” Ask Organizers of a Silicon Valley Event

“Inspired by the man who showed the way to modern computing, tech-minded experts shared ideas for how to tackle climate change, nuclear proliferation, and broken political systems.”   READ MORE

Doug-Engelbart-intent50 Years Later, We Still Don’t Grasp the Mother of All Demos

“To Engelbart, his work was never about the technology itself, but about helping people work together to solve the world’s biggest problems.”   READ MORE

ValleyOfGenius-sqHow Doug Engelbart Pulled off the Mother of All Demos

“Engelbart’s idea was that computers of the future should be optimized for human needs. […] They should augment rather than replace the human intellect.”   READ MORE

Doug-Engelbart-intent50 years ago, Douglas Engelbart’s ‘Mother of All Demos’ changed personal technology forever

“Imagine someone demonstrating a jet plane 15 years before Kitty Hawk. Imagine someone demonstrating a smartphone 15 years before the first cellular networks were even launched. Imagine someone demonstrating a controlled nuclear chain reaction 15 years before Einstein formulated e=mc2. On a crisp, overcast, and breezy Monday afternoon in San Francisco on December 9, 1968, … ”   READ MORE

image from articleEngelbart’s historic demo: What have we learned 50 years later?

“Tech leaders gathered in Mountain View to note the 50th anniversary of Douglas Engelbart’s vision of personal computing.” READ MORE

Doug-Engelbart-intentLife as We Know It Turns 50

“San Francisco in 1968 … rose that year’s Joint Computer Conference, where an assembly of geniuses wearing white short-sleeved shirts and pocket protectors convened 50 years ago this week. The event shined a guiding light on the path to personal computing and set the modern world in motion.”   READ MORE

Doug Engelbart

Doug-Engelbart-intentElephant Footprint: The Vision and Impact of Douglas Engelbart

“At the time of his passing, Engelbart was frustrated by humans’ failure to prioritize the power of the Creative IQ. His vision was that technology would work with our infinite capacities as humans, not work independently of them.’”   READ MORE

image from articleThe human side of Doug Engelbart

“So much has been written about his technological vision and accomplishments, here are some snippets showcasing his considerable human side.”   READ MORE

The Demo

Doug-Engelbart-intentIn One 1968 Presentation, This Inventor Shaped Modern Computing

“Douglas Engelbart’s career was about seeing the possibilities of what computing could do for humanity.”  READ MORE

Doug-Engelbart-intentHow the ‘Mother of all Demos’ Changed the World and Made Computers Personal in 1968

“The 90-minute presentation went down in Silicon Valley history as the “mother of all demos,” for it previewed a world of personal and online computing utterly different from 1968’s status quo.”  READ MORE

Doug-Engelbart-intentThe 65 Best Inventions of the Past 65 Years

(#15 of 65) “1968: Integrated Computer Systems

“In a landmark December 1968 demonstration, later known as The Mother of all Demos, engineer Douglas Engelbart illustrates the use of lots of recent technologies in conjunction with each other, including: on-screen windows, hypertext, graphics, file linking, revision control, video conferencing, the computer mouse, and word processing. Both Mac and Windows user interfaces will borrow heavily from the example set here.””   READ MORE


Doug-Engelbart-intentInternet Pioneer’s Greatest Contribution May Not Be Technological

“Doug Engelbart’s greatest breakthrough may be to change how we think, how we learn and innovate, and how we collaborate. The Internet Hall of Fame featured profile on this 2014 Inductee, including how one university is putting his vision to practice in an experimental MOOC and associated Engelbart Scholar Award program.”    READ MORE

Doug-Engelbart-intentEngelbart on Improving Improvement

“Doug’s vision for improving improvement to better tackle complex, urgent problems is to many his most significant contribution.”    READ MORE

Doug-Engelbart-intentHere’s How To Master The ABCs Of Innovation

“Many companies are paying attention to immediate challenges and opportunities, including six technological disruptions that might make or break many companies. In my experience, however, too few are being innovative in how they innovate.”   READ MORE

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