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Solving Today’s Great Problems?
Lessons from Engelbart’s Demo @50

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December 12, 2018: Live at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, a special CHM Live evening event in Silicon Valley Solving Today’s Great Problems? Lessons from Engelbart’s Demo @50. Doug Engelbart’s breakthrough technological achievements in the 1960s were stepping stones to his wildly ambitious goal – to help us master the world’s greatest challenges, by augmenting humanity’s collective problem-solving abilities. 50 years on, is Engelbart’s approach relevant to today’s urgent problems? The event opens with several speakers introducing his work, and then moderator and leading forecaster Paul Saffo will explore that question with a panel of experts on some of today’s major challenges.  READ MORE >

Many thanks to Computer History Museum for producing this fabulous program with event sponsors Logitech Inc. and SRI International.

Program Video

Visit our Event Video page to watch selected sessions, or watch the event in full below. Follow along with a copy of the printed Event Program.


Doug-Engelbart-intentWhat Would Doug Engelbart Do?” Ask Organizers of a Silicon Valley Event

“Inspired by the man who showed the way to modern computing, tech-minded experts shared ideas for how to tackle climate change, nuclear proliferation, and broken political systems.”   READ MORE

Doug-Engelbart-intent50 years ago, Douglas Engelbart’s ‘Mother of All Demos’ changed personal technology forever

“Imagine someone demonstrating a jet plane 15 years before Kitty Hawk [or] a smartphone 15 years before the first cellular networks were even launched.”   READ MORE


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