Come explore the past and future impact of Engelbart’s Legacy,
as interpreted by thought leaders and digital luminaries on the
50th Anniversary of his Landmark Demo

symposium-posterThis event was held Dec 9, 2018
9:15am-7:30pm Symposium plus Demos,
Reception & Exhibits – all at the
Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley
Cont. Breakfast, Lunch, Reception & Exhibits
included in the price of admission.

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Doug-Engelbart-intent50 Years Later, We Still Don’t Grasp the Mother of All Demos

“To Engelbart, his work was never about the technology itself, but about helping people work together to solve the world’s biggest problems.”   READ MORE

Doug-Engelbart-intent50 years ago, Douglas Engelbart’s ‘Mother of All Demos’ changed personal technology forever

“Imagine someone demonstrating a jet plane 15 years before Kitty Hawk. Imagine someone demonstrating a smartphone 15 years before the first cellular networks were even launched. Imagine someone demonstrating a controlled nuclear chain reaction 15 years before Einstein formulated e=mc2. On a crisp, overcast, and breezy Monday afternoon in San Francisco on December 9, 1968, … ”   READ MORE

image from articleEngelbart’s historic demo: What have we learned 50 years later?

“Tech leaders gathered in Mountain View to note the 50th anniversary of Douglas Engelbart’s vision of personal computing.” READ MORE

Doug-Engelbart-intentLife as We Know It Turns 50

“San Francisco in 1968 … rose that year’s Joint Computer Conference, where an assembly of geniuses wearing white short-sleeved shirts and pocket protectors convened 50 years ago this week. The event shined a guiding light on the path to personal computing and set the modern world in motion.”   READ MORE


Here are some highlights from the event. Check out our complete event Photo Album, or view as a Slide Show.


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Computer History Museum
Doug Engelbart Institute
Vint Cerf

Symposium Planning Team
Christina Engelbart, Doug Engelbart Institute
Marc Weber, Computer History Museum
Karen Risa Robbins, Doug Engelbart Institute

Special Thanks
Karen Risa Robbins, Symposium Manager
Harvey Lehtman, Demo Manager
Frode Hegland, Demo Manager
Houria Iderkou
Haley Engelbart
Evan (Engelbart) Putnam
Asik Ali

Gratitude to Don Nielson and Herman Miller Inc.
for providing an outstanding replica of Engelbart’s 1968 Demo Workstation on exhibit during the event.

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