The Demo@50 celebrated in Silicon Valley

A heartfelt appreciation to all who participated in the 12/9 Engelbart Symposium at the Computer History Museum, most spectacularly our fabulous lineup of Presenters, a very special turnout of tech luminaries and thought leaders:

From behind the scenes look at how and why Doug’s research team pulled off what is now known as the Mother of All Demos, discussion and demos re: tools inspired by that seminal work, to what’s missing in our current thinking and suggestions to shift our thinking, tapping Doug’s strategic focus on organizational transformation to maximize impact, opportunities for the future, and a very special tribute from Ted Nelson who dubbed December 9th forever “Doug Day.”

The final event in the series this year will be 12/12 CHM Live, also at the Computer History Museum in Mt. View, California. Click here for details.

See our Celebration News for selected press and twitter posts, with links to more. And stay tuned for further Events and Activities in the new year, beginning in January 2019 with Prof. Gardner Campbell’s Augmentation Framework project.

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