Don Andrews

retired, original member Augmentation Research Center (ARC) Team

Don Andrews, second from left, panel discussion at 40th anniversary of Mother of All Demos, Dec, 2008

Don Andrews joined Doug Engelbart’s group at Stanford Research Institute in the fall, 1966 and worked onSRI’s Augmentation Research Center. He was a participant in the 1968 Mother of All demos. He continued with the Engelbart group as an engineering manager when it moved to Tymshare, Inc., which was acquired by McDonnell Douglas in 1984.

In 1985, Andrews went to work for Adobe Systems, where he was later named Vice President of Engineering for the Printing Division. Since leaving Adobe at the end of 1999, he has been semi-retired and pursuing personal projects.

His degrees include

  • B.S. Physics, University of Washington, 1965
  • M.S. Computer Science, Stanford University, 1967