Marc Weber


Curatorial Director of the Internet History Program, Computer History Museum

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Marc Weber is Curatorial Director of the Internet History Program at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley.

He established Web history as a topic starting in 1995 with help from Sir Tim Berners-Lee and other online pioneers, and co-founded two of the first organizations in the field.

The Internet History Program has built on the Museum’s leading collection of networking history materials and developed its exhibits on connected topics, including the main Web, Mobile, and Networking galleries.

Weber speaks and publishes widely and advises companies, filmmakers, museums and major media on the evolution of the online world. He serves on the editorial board of Internet Histories and co-chairs the W3C Web History Community Group.

An award-winning writer and technical journalist, he consulted on technology topics for over a decade in Silicon Valley and near Geneva, Switzerland. He holds bachelors degrees in Neurobiology and in Creative Writing from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.