Martin Hardy

image shared by Martin Hardy

NLS System Lead Technician, SRI Augmentation Research Center

Martin Hardy was the lead technician working on the SRI Augmentation Research Center program assembling and maintaining the NLS workstations used at SRI and government facilities using the NLS system.

Martin assembled and installed the NLS Workstations throughout the ARC facility at SRI. He helped in the design, construction, and installation of the NLS equipment used for the AFIPS Fall Joint Computer Conference 1968, characterized as the “Mother of all Demos”.

Martin has a BS in mathematics and has an extensive experience with radio and computer systems.

When the NLS system was sold to Timeshare, Martin started Product Associates and manufactured NLS workstations using DataMedia 2500 and 4000 display terminals, with the mouse and keysets manufactured by PA. Product Associates also manufactured a modified DM2500 with an additional keyboard meta key for special programs used at SRI, Stanford and other Universities.

Martin is now retired and pursuing and enjoying his artistic abilities.