Video – CHM Live Event

Watch individual sessions, and follow along with a copy of the printed Event Program:

chmlive-video-weber Welcome and Introductions (2min)
Marc Weber, Curatorial Director, Internet History Program, Computer History Museum
chmlive-video-guerrino Honoring Doug (3min)
Guerrino De Luca, Chairman of the Board, Logitech
chmlive-video-tribute Tribute Video (6min)
Doug’s Legacy Past, Present and Future
chmlive-video-christina Taking the Challenge Forward (8min)
Christina Engelbart, Cofounder and Executive Director, The Doug Engelbart Institute [see Christina’s Slides]
chmlive-video-panel* Panel Discussion (60min) 
Can Engelbart’s techniques for accelerating change solve today’s great problems?
Moderator: Paul Saffo, Forecaster
Erika Gregory, Managing Director, NSquare
Ben Rattray, Founder and CEO,
Erika Woolsey, Marine Biologist, Ocean Design Teaching Fellow, Stanford University
chmlive-video-myers.png Closing Inspiration (7min)
Karen Myers, Lab Director, Artificial Intelligence Center, SRI International

You can also watch the event in full.

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