Event Video – CHM Live Event

Solving Today’s Great Problems?
Lessons from Engelbart’s Demo @50

Watch individual sessions, and follow along with a copy of the printed Event Program:

Welcome and Introductions (2min)
Marc Weber, Curatorial Director, Internet History Program, Computer History Museum
Honoring Doug (3min)
Guerrino De Luca, Chairman of the Board, Logitech
Tribute Video (6min)
Doug’s Legacy Past, Present and Future
Taking the Challenge Forward  (8min)
Christina Engelbart, Cofounder and Executive Director, The Doug Engelbart Institute [see Christina’s Slides]
Panel Discussion (60min) 
Can Engelbart’s techniques for accelerating change solve today’s great problems?
Moderator: Paul Saffo, Forecaster
Erika Gregory, Managing Director, NSquare
Ben Rattray, Founder and CEO, Change.org
Erika Woolsey, Marine Biologist, Ocean Design Teaching Fellow, Stanford University
Closing Inspiration (7min)
Karen Myers, Lab Director, Artificial Intelligence Center, SRI International

Or watch the event in full.

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