Watch individual sessions, and follow along with a copy of the printed Event Program (video courtesy the Computer History Museum):

9:15 Welcome  
Marc Weber, Computer History Museum
9:20 Doug’s Unfinished Revolution (@02:27)
Paul Saffo, Master of Ceremonies

Watch Tribute Video (@03:12)


9:30 Doug’s 1962 Framework: Augmenting Human Intellect
Gardner Campbell
9:45 The Making of The Demo: The ARC Team Remembers
Jeff Rulifson, Moderator, with Don Andrews, Martin HardyCharles Irby, and Christina Engelbart

Demo Setup Slides (Martin)
ARC Migration Slides (Charles)
Orgs Using NLS/Augment (Christina)

10:30 Break
– Watch slideshow of archive photos from Doug’s lab (Photos ©SRI International)


10:45 The Demo in Historical Context
Marc Weber
10:55 Impacts and Inspiration
John Markoff, Moderator, Howard Rheingold, Andy van Dam, (Alan Kay by ‘beam‘)
11:35 Applying Lessons of The Demo in Today’s Online World:
Panel 1 – Authoring, Retrieval, Classification
Marc Pesce, Moderator, Wendy Hall, Peter Norvig
12:15 Motivated by The Demo: Overview of Demo Exhibits
Watch Brief Intro to Demo Exhibits
See Demos for info and links.
  12:20 Lunch & Demos

Continuing Into The Future

[ coming soon ] 1:30 Applying The Lessons of The Demo in Today’s Online World:
Panel 2 Addressability and Integration
Tim O’Reilly Moderator, Tim Berners-Lee, Brewster Kahle
2:10 Bootstrapping the Future: Doug’s Call to Action
Christina Engelbart
2:25 Case Examples of Bootstrapping   (@19:20)
Christina Engelbart, Moderator, Gardner Campbell, Stephanie Couch, Brant Cooper

See also supplemental playlist of case example shorts from these three initiatives

3:05 Special Commemoration & Break (@57:16)
Paul Saffo, MC – watch Award presentation | see Award Slide
3:45 Challenges in Making Interactive Systems More Useful  
Vint Cerf
4:00 Through A Doug Lens
Jeff Rulifson Moderator, Dan Whaley, Jeff Conklin
4:40 WTF and The Importance of Human/Tool Co-evolution
Tim O’Reilly
4:55 Coming Together for Doug’s Grand Challenge
Adam Cheyer
5:10 The Unifying Vision 
Ted Nelson
5:25 Closing Remarks (@10:04)
Paul Saffo, MC
See Appreciation & Credits
  5:30 Reception, Demos & CHM Exhibit Tours
  7:30 End.

Demos inspired by Engelbart’s work were offered during lunch and reception in the adjacent area – see Demos listing for details.

You can also watch the event in full.

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